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Wonderful Days

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This workshop is available now! A career's worth of filmmaking knowledge packed into three days. Filmmaker Rob Adams will teach you how to start you own cinema company, make it successful and keep it going. Along with that, everything you need to know about filming a wedding, building a story and then editing a compelling film. Topics will range from what equipment to use, how to use it correctly, audio, planning the day, filming the key parts, organizing footage, editing program pros and cons, story-building, delivery, marketing, branding and how to do it all. Not for the faint hearted but inspiring and educational. A no-nonsense approach to the world of cinema, and how to make your company a success and create amazing wedding films along the way. The overall message is "You Can Do It" and here's how... Bonus course materials include: Client Communication Pack (Effective Client Contact Form, Text Expander Form Emails, Pre-Consult Questionnaire, Scheduling Questionnaire, Wedding Day Essential Shot Checklist, Pre- and Post-Edit Checklists) and Movie Poster Template.

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